Dinosaurs in the classroom

Puppets – our childhood friends!

All of us remember the astonishment we had on our naïve faces in our childhoods when we witnessed a puppeteer conversing with his puppet and the puppet replying to him back! We all wondered how lucky the puppeteer is that he has got an adorable little friend who sticks with him everywhere, talks to him, and makes his life fun. Be it a little kid or an adult, it excites everyone equally. Children love puppets and puppet shows and invest a lot of attention in them, so puppets can be used as a tool for teaching kindergarten children more effectively and interactively. A child is more likely to give greater value to something that a puppet said than what a human said because a puppet draws his attention towards it more effectively. Puppets can be more engaging than any other tool or method in a classroom. Kids fail to pay attention to a teacher as lectures never attract them even if the teacher is trying to interact with the students. Teaching through cartoons is a good approach but its scope is very limited because the cartoons are not interactive and thus cannot boost up a child’s learning to a greater level. So puppets should be introduced in a classroom so that lessons are made interesting and engaging.

Let’s choose the dinosaur puppets!

The choice of the puppet is a greater question. One needs to put a lot of critical thinking while introducing a puppet. The puppet of a popular cartoon character can be pretty engaging but it comes with its risks too. Cartoon characters that are popular today are mischievous and some promote violence as well, so it can be negative for the character building of the subjects. Moreover, if one goes for choosing a random puppet that looks silly, it will block the personality grooming part of a child’s growth when he adores a silly character. So, one needs to choose such a puppet which not only adds up the fun factor in the class but is also constructive in the educational aspect. So, why not introduce a dinosaur puppet in the class. Adorable dinosaur puppets are available from many manufacturers’ like Only Dinosaurs. Using dinosaur puppets comes with several benefits. Firstly, it introduces the kids to a long old extinct species and adds to their knowledge. Secondly, by using dinosaur puppets, a sense of consciousness regarding endangered species can be inculcated in their minds from a very small age so that they can become an asset in the future and care about the species that are on the verge of extinction and try to save them. Thirdly, the characteristics and nature of a dinosaur puppet will be neutral in kids’ minds so it is up to the teacher to build a positive image of the puppet in kids’ minds.

It is the teacher’s choice how many puppets are introduced and how they look like, as a wide range of dinosaur puppets at Only dinosaurs and similar manufacturers. Moreover, the type of dinosaur puppets that needs to be introduced depends on the age group of the students and the teacher’s choice. There are different hand dinosaur puppets, false arm dinosaur puppets, Crate Dinosaur puppets, and Hatching dinosaur puppets available at Only Dinosaurs. Smaller kids are more likely to be attracted by the hatching egg dinosaur puppets as they look newborn and innocent, while those of slightly more age might be attracted with false arm dinosaur puppets and hand dinosaur puppets which they can operate with. Introducing a puppet can yield unbelievable results in catalyzing students’ learning and responses. There is a variety of dinosaur puppets available at stores like Only Dinosaurs, some of which look naïve and some evil. So choosing one of each type can be helpful while communicating the knowledge of good and bad. Similarly, dinosaur puppets can be used constructively in the classroom for different purposes. If a teacher uses puppets to convey a lesson, it can make students not only more interested in the lesson but also more attentive towards it but this can be done only if a teacher succeeds at giving the dinosaur puppet an engaging personality.

How to teach with a puppet?

A teacher can use the dinosaur puppet to develop students’ literacy skills. He can make the dinosaur puppet seem confused at the end of the lesson and the students can try to teach him what they have learned during the lesson. Students can read to the puppet and teacher and make the dinosaur respond to the student. Or a student, if good at puppeteering, can read to the class as the puppet. This will make reading interesting and all students, being fascinated by the dinosaur, would want to participate in the activity. The teacher can accommodate the timid and shy pupils by asking them to participate in such activities. Moreover, the dinosaur puppets can be used to set behavior expectations in the class as well. This can help in shaping a better character of the students and equipping them with better moral values. The conflicts between students can also be resolved by using puppets. If two students have a conflict or fight, you can use the dinosaur puppet to act as a mediator and bring both of them back to talking terms because students may ignore what a teacher wants but they would value the words of the dinosaur.  Thus this can teach the students empathy. The teacher can explain different methods and procedures to the class using a dinosaur puppet. Furthermore, the pronunciation lectures can be efficiently delivered using the dinosaur puppet. Furthermore, dinosaurs can also be used to create imaginative scenarios and conduct plays in the class. Students can also share stories through the dinosaur and this can engender their confidence.

So, students should be taught with interesting methods instead of the conventional ones that are boring and dull. Puppets and specifically those which can move their jaws and blink their eyes like those available at Only Dinosaurs can be helpful to hold interactive lessons. Using dinosaur puppets can revolutionize the teaching area and can improve the quality of education.

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