Preschool is set up to encourage play through learning. As your child navigates through different developmental stages, he or she will ideally grow in all developmental areas. Preschool education should foster growth in your child’s cognitive, physical, and verbal skills. Here are some things your preschooler should be learning through child education Lancaster TX.


Counting is among the earliest math skills a child needs to master. This goes beyond simply identifying numbers by memorizing them. A child will also begin to understand the connection between objects and the numbers associated with them. A preschool classroom is filled with many opportunities to count. From the number of blocks on the table to the number of crayons in a container, your child will regularly participate in counting activities.

The Alphabet

The alphabet is the cornerstone of preschool education, as it lays the foundation for reading, writing, and phonics. The teacher will teach your child to recognize individual letters, uppercase, and lowercase, with an emphasis on the letters of his or her first name. Upon entering kindergarten, your child should be able to point out, and maybe even write, his or her first name. Your child will also start understanding the sounds that go with each letter. These early phonics skills are crucial for learning to read increasingly complex words over the next couple of years.


It’s not uncommon for a child to be shy when away from his or her parents, but that is a trait that can be minimized. For children to thrive, they must be able to interact with their peers as well as with authority figures. Preschool is ideal for helping kids learn to verbalize their needs. Additionally, preschoolers participate in activities that enhance social responsibility, such as using manners and cleaning up after themselves.

When you see your child having a ball in preschool, rest assured that it’s all part of the plan. As children interact with their world, they are developing important skills needed for future learning opportunities.


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