Summer school might bring to mind long days spent re-taking high school algebra and missing out on fun with your friends, but did you know that it can actually be an exciting, enriching experience for your young children? Here are three reasons to consider summer school Redmond WA for your kids.

Retain School Year Knowledge 

Do you recall that feeling on the first day of school when it seemed like you forgot everything over summer? It doesn’t have to be that way. Your children can participate in a program that will keep their language, math and science skills fresh all summer long. Because these skills are often worked into engaging activities, your children will be having fun learning while playing with other kids.

Learn New Skills

Many summer school programs offer opportunities for children to participate in specialty classes like soccer or cooking. In some cases, schools may even bring in instructors who specialize in these subjects, providing your children with a rich experience and chances to acquire new skills. Sometimes these classes are offered weekly, which means that your children may even have the chance to master a new skill by the summer’s end.

Make New Friends

Socialization is a natural element in virtually any children’s program, and summer camp is no exception. Your children will have ample opportunities to interact with other kids their age, helping them forge new friendships and practice social skills while bonding over shared activities.

Regardless of whether your summer school program of choice lasts only a couple weeks or all summer long, it’s sure to have a tangible impact on your children. By providing them with the opportunities to practice their academic skills, learn new extracurricular skills and make new friends, your children will leave summer camp with bountiful memories and lots to look forward to the next year.


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