Are you wondering why your baby is being so fussy? If you have a little one 4 months or older they could be teething. Recognizing the signs of teething can help you treat and soothe any of the discomforts your little one might be experiencing. Here are some clear signs your baby is teething besides fussiness.

Chewing On Their Hands, Feet, and Objects

When teething has begun in your baby you will notice the chewing on everything from their hands, feet to objects they play with and don’t play with. They are chewing because it helps soothe the discomfort they are feeling in their guns and helps their new teeth break through the gums. Once teeth have broken through the gums the pain and discomfort seem to ease up. Just remember once teeth are poking through it is time to start brushing your baby’s teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste and baby toothbrush to keep those new teeth healthy.

Constantly Drooling Everywhere

Drooling constantly is another common sign that your baby is teething. There is not much you can do to ease up the drooling, but keeping a spit rag on hand to wipe their little face once in a while isn’t a bad idea. Once teething stops thankfully the drooling goes away too.

Tugging the Ears and Crying

Anytime a little one is teething it can affect the ears causing dull aches. Some babies will tug at their ears and cry a lot when teeth are coming in but some parents end up thinking their little one has an ear infection. Before you rush off to the doctors because you believe it’s an ear infection first look inside the little one’s mouth and see if they are cutting any teeth. If they are cutting teeth try giving them some infant pain relief medicine to help ease some of the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. If that doesn’t help or they big running a fever it is time to call the doctor for a possible ear infection.

Not Eating As Much

Sometimes when babies are teething they don’t eat as much. If your little one isn’t eating as much don’t panic. It is normal for them to lose their appetite with teething. Teething causes the mouth to hurt a lot. Some of the foods babies do enjoy eating if they are 6 months or older are cold baby foods. If your baby isn’t eating foods yet you can give them a cold teething ring or rag to chew or suck on and that will help ease some of their discomforts.

Some End Thought To Keep In Mind

Other signs your baby is teething might be excessive sucking on hands or a pacifier, low-grade fever, and trouble sleeping during naptime and bedtime. Just remember the teething phase will pass. For now, use pain relief medicines when needed and cold teething rings and foods are things your baby will love during this time. Snuggles and love are also comforting to them so snuggle away and enjoy every little baby moment you can get

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