If you’ve inherited jewelry from a relative’s estate, you may wonder how to value or insure it. Professional services are available to perform an estate appraisal West Lebanon NH. They can provide formal documentation for your jewelry that includes the following.

A Detailed Description

Every jewelry appraisal should identify the item with a detailed description that includes size, color, distinct characteristics and defects. These details help to match the assessment with the jewelry item. Gemstone descriptions should consist of carat weight, cut, inclusions and a description of any stone enhancements.

The Appropriate Value

You may need to know your jewelry’s fair market value if you plan to sell it or donate it to charity in its current condition. This figure may differ from the original purchase price because it takes into account factors, including acquired defects. On the other hand, a replacement value will predict what it would cost to replace your jewelry in the current market place if it is stolen or lost.

Sometimes a jewelry appraisal is needed to liquidate an estate or settle a divorce or bankruptcy agreement. Liquidation appraisals tend to assign relatively low values to items to facilitate their quick sale.

If you intend to keep your jewelry, factors that determine its value include damage, manufacturer, the rarity of the design and materials, and the manufacture date. The value assigned by the appraiser should be realistic because it can help you determine the amount of insurance you need or if you will forgo insurance. The final figure may also affect your insurance premiums.

Details About the Appraiser

The appraiser’s name, address, credentials, professional affiliations and date of appraisal should appear prominently on the appraisal form. These details will help legitimize the assessment for the insurance company that receives it.

If you are the recipient of a jewelry heirloom, having it appraised will help you protect it for future generations.


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