Choosing a nursery for your child is an exciting but challenging decision. It is, after all, the first educational institution your child will attend, and this can affect the rest of their education. This process is made harder when you live abroad. Here are a few tips on how to choose an international nursery for your child, so that you can find the ideal preschool for your children, regardless of their age.

Think about Travel Time

Parents don’t want to drive an hour or try to navigate a complex public transit route with young children in tow. This means that you should determine how far you’re willing to travel to take your child to preschool. Remember that the facility could be near home, near work, or on your route between the two. The general rule of thumb is a preschool should be within twenty minutes’ drive or walk. Once you nail down these criteria, you can create a list of childcare facilities to be vetted.

Know What You Want Your Child to Get Out of the Nursery

Are you looking for a fun childcare facility where your child will enjoy their childhood and make friends? Or do you want to maximize their learning in these early years? If going down the educational route, then it is critical that teachers and staff are well trained and qualified. The best nurseries will have teachers trained to recognizable international standards. Then they’ll be able to tailor lessons to each child’s learning style and current level.

The perfect international nursery Bangkok will offer things like a curriculum tailored to each year group. The ideal nursery will use a curriculum that integrates well with the school curriculum your child will follow in primary school. The best schools provide active learning through play so that your preschooler doesn’t become bored with lessons.

Research the Hours of Operation

Think about the schedule you’d like to keep. When would you most likely be dropping off the child in the morning and picking them up in the evening? Once you know the time frame that works best for you, research the schedule for each nursery. Strike those off your list that aren’t open when you need them to be and ask if the school will be providing childcare while you’re at work.

Note that if you’re simply seeking to get the young one out of the house and give them more time to socialize with peers, then a half day schedule or program that only operates two or three days a week could be right for you. This is a gentle introduction to school for young children.

Check Out the Facility Itself

Parents should not base their decision on the price or the pictures on the website. Visit the nursery yourself. The facility should be open and bright, not dark and oppressive. Determine whether or not they have enough space for the children both indoors and out. If possible, see what the current children enrolled are like. Are they enjoying their time there? Do they get along with each other and the teachers? This gives you an idea of how well the nursery is teaching social skills. Ask questions of the teachers. If you don’t feel like they’re being open and honest with you, go somewhere else.


Your child’s nursery is the foundation of their education, so choosing the right one is essential. Follow our tips, and you’ll find the right one for your child.

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