It is just days before your baby is born and as much as you are savouring every moment of free time you are also very ready for the baby to arrive. There is so much excitement in the air it is hard to know what to do next. You don’t want to plan anything that is too long term, because the baby is almost here – you could be delivering any time between tonight and two-week’s time. So how do you spend that valuable time? What is the best way to invest your last few hours or days of time before the exhaustion sets in and motherhood begins? Here are a few ideas you might like.


It is never too late to shop! And the nice thing about this shopping trip is that it doesn’t even have to be for you. It can be of course, perhaps you want to buy a nice dress or a bikini, something that will incentive you to get you pre-pregnancy figure back again. Of course, shopping for the baby might prove completely irresistible and even though it will dominate your life for the next while, buying some new outfits for the new arrival will be fun. If you are expecting a girl there are very moms who can resist the temptation to pop into a baby girl clothes boutique. Do it and enjoy it, dressing your little princess in some finery is what motherhood is all about.


Go to the cinema as much as possible. It is a good idea for so many reasons. Firstly, once baby is born it is going to be a while before you see the inside of a cinema again. Secondly, when you do go it will be to see The Muppets or Barney, or something equally not made for adults. If movies are something that you enjoy and watching them the way they should be watched – with popcorn and without interruption – is important to you, then book some cinema tickets and watch as much as you can. It also means that you are off your feet, which at around nine-month’s pregnant is a good thing.

Eat whatever you want

Being pregnant means that you have a licence to eat for two. Once baby is out you will probably want to lose weight and get back into the shape that you were in before getting pregnant. It all means that your days of eating ice-cream and treats are rapidly running out. So, splurge and enjoy it. You also have the excuse that you are pregnant and that you have cravings and an insatiable hunger – which you can blame on the baby.

Quality time

Ensure that you spend quality time with your partner as much as you can. Becoming parents means that the time you have to spend alone with each other is massively reduced. And when you do get some one-on-one time you may well find that you are both so exhausted from the late nights and new routines that all you can do is slump, bleary-eyed in front on the television. So, make the time before the baby’s arrival really count – remember that you can’t get pregnant again if you are already carrying a child, so if you have any energy left…


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