We all want the best for our children, and no more so in terms of education. The better the education and the more your child’s greatest skills are nurtured, the better their outcome can be later in life. If you are considering a prep school as part of your child’s education, like many other parents you want to ensure that it is worth it. Here are just a few of the benefits of sending your child to a prep school.

Extracurricular Activities

The more that young children participate in extracurricular activities, the more they will learn and hone in on their own special skills, finding exactly what they are good at. Everyone has a certain subject or hobby that they enjoy, whether it be sport, music or drama. Finding out what you enjoy from a young age can help you realize who you are as a person and can help you grow and gain in confidence doing the things that you love. Being involved in extracurricular activities is also advantageous when applying for private secondary schools, as those with talents and hobbies will be accepted into the best higher education schools.

Different Curriculums

Prep schools can choose their own curriculum, meaning they do not need to adhere to the national curriculum of the country. Selecting your own curriculum ensures that a school can offer so much more and adjust their learning to their pupils. Bangkok prep international school is closely linked to that of the English Curriculum and children can receive teaching in languages, art, music and science, expanding their knowledge and advancing in their learning from an earlier age than that of children in other schools.

Individual Time

Especially for some children, having separate time with a teacher can help them to flourish. For some, being quiet can mean the louder children take over classes and those that are shy sit back and allow this to happen. This can hinder their learning experience through no fault of their own, it simply just depends on the child’s individual personality. Prep schools have a much better staff to child ratio, meaning the teachers can truly get to know and understand your child’s personality, helping them to grow in confidence and flourish. This also means they will get more supported help in areas they struggle in.

Family Encouragement

Prep schools have a very strong sense of community and look to support each family. They also encourage parents to become part of the school boards and ensure there is complete support for family and child regarding learning and any other problems that they may have with the school. Many also understand that parents work late and through school holidays, so they offer breakfast and after-school clubs, as well as holiday care.

Prep schools can help your child flourish and grow in an advanced learning environment tailored to them. Education should not just be about achieving grades but helping children to grow in confidence in a wide range of subjects, and prep schools fully support this.

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