Many children have gotten too used to playing alone, which has led to them become sedentary. To keep your child healthy and happy, consider implementing the following items right away.

Plenty of Sleep

Children need more sleep than you may think. Experts say that until they are teens, children need at leastĀ 10-11 hours each night, which means they need to turn off the TV and iPad and get to bed earlier. You could probably use some extra sleep, too.

Regular Exercise

Taking walks or bike rides with your child is a great way to get them moving. You may also consider enrolling them inĀ childrens sports Maple Valley WA, such as soccer. Running up and down the field will help to strengthen their systems, and they may also enjoy being part of a team.

Healthy Food

Because most kids will choose junk food if it is an option, limit the number of treats in your fridge and pantry. Try to make each meal look like a rainbow, filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Use whole grains and healthy fats, and limit processed food.

Lots of Friends

Your child’s social life is an important element of his mental health. The ability to make friends and share are skills that will help them throughout their lives. Organize a playgroup and take turns hosting at your home so you can supervise how your child is doing around other children.

Limited Screen Time

Too often, parents turn to a digital babysitter. Instead, use television and video games as an occasional reward. Children can earn screen time by making their beds, doing their homework and reading. Make sure they are caught up in school before they turn on the TV. Many parents are choosing not to have any screen time for the first few years of their children’s lives.

If you choose one or two of these items to focus on this week, you’ll notice differences in your child’s health and behavior.


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