The act of cooking a meal together isn’t just about preparing food, it’s an activity that teaches valuable skills, encourages creativity, and creates a special bond. A “Mommy and Me” cooking class is ideal for parents that want to share the joy of cooking with their children. Cooking classes designed for parents and kids have time built in so that nothing is rushed. The parent and child can spend quality time together cooking a meal, learning new skills, and exploring new recipes in a space that is comfortable and safe. Sharing a “Mommy and Me” cooking class with your child will strengthen the bond between the two of you by giving you a special shared experience. Below are some more benefits of joining a cooking class with your child.

Boost Your Child’s Self Confidence

Kids who cook learn to be confident in themselves and comfortable in their abilities. Teaching kids to cook is a great way to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem through a fun activity. They will learn basic skills like measure ingredients, chopping vegetables, and preparing nutritious food all while making memories that will last a lifetime.

Help Your Child Learn Healthy Eating Habits

Teaching your kids to have a good relationship with food will impact their health throughout their lives. Studies show that kids who learn healthy eating habits as children are much more likely to continue those healthy habits when they are adults. By showing your children how to prepare and cook nutritious food and cultivating a taste for unprocessed food you are teaching your child to have a healthy relationship with food.

Teach Kitchen Safety to your Child

In a “Mommy and Me” cooking class your child can learn age-appropriate knife skills as well as things like how to safely handle hot pans and other kitchen safety guidelines. You will have the time to work with your child one on one to teach them kitchen safety in a way that you wouldn’t have at home when you are focused on just getting the meal ready as quickly as possible.

Allow your Child to Explore New Foods

Kids are notoriously picky eaters but cooking classes that have cooking recipes for kids will expose kids to ingredients and foods that they are not familiar with. You might learn about some new foods too. The kids will have the chance to explore new foods and to try things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to try.

At JuniorChef, Food Is A Family Activity

Food is inextricably linked to family bonding. Try one of our “Mommy and Me” cooking classes to give yourself and your child the experience of learning to make delicious and healthy food all while making lifelong memories.

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