If you love camping in your backyard, but you do not love your tent collapsing on you or blowing away, you should consider building a yurt. A yurt can be either portable or permanent housing, and can even be used as an outdoor guest room.

What Is a Yurt? 

A yurt is a type of tent. However, a yurt is much larger than a typical tent and has a solid structure. Yurts have a long history and were first used by nomadic cultures in Mongolia. Usually, a yurt has short wooden walls that are composed of latticework. There are curved wooden beams that connect these walls with a circle at the top of the roof. Thick fabric is then stretched over the structure. Historically, they were meant to be easy to put together and to take apart so that the yurt could be moved at will. If the yurt is meant to permanently stay in a backyard, the framework is often made of metal instead. Unlike a tent, a yurt has a door instead of a flap.

How Do You Set Up a Yurt?

The inside of a yurt can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. A basic yurt has a place to sleep, comfortable furniture, a table and a stove. You can use the best garden benches for your yard as seating in the yurt. The stove is used to heat the yurt and to cook. It has a vent pipe that goes through a small hole in the roof.

If you intend to use your yurt to camp in or house guests, you may also build a deck or platform underneath it. You can have windows on the sides of the yurt as well. You can use wiring or a generator to provide electricity to the yurt. Some yurts even have a plumbing system in place.


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