If you want to learn how to perform the chromium electroplating process, you’re going to need to learn the basics. Taking the time to prepare properly will ensure that you are capable of handling the project safely. Obviously, the best way to do this is to get in-person training. However, before you undertake this, you should learn some more about the equipment you will be using. Here is all the equipment you will find being used in an anodizing tank and what they do.


This process produces a lot of heat. Keeping the solution at a stable temperature is the only way for the electroplating process to work. Water and air chillers are the two methods people use to keep solutions cool. These are devices with thermometers that measure temperature and valves to release coolant into the fluid.


For the aluminum to be anodized, you must apply a current to the solution. The system that controls this electrical current is called a rectifier. This will help keep the voltage at an optimal level throughout the process. Rectifiers are especially important when thicker coatings are desired because they can hold the current stable for the amount of time needed to build the coat.


The last ingredient for this process is the chemical solution. This is the liquid that acts as a bath inside the tanks. Depending on numerous variables, there are several different chemicals that you could use in a solution. Experienced technicians will write specific formulas to ensure optimal anodizing takes place. Following these formulas is crucial to getting the right results.

The best place to start learning about the basics of anodizing aluminum is the equipment you will be using. These various items are all going to be found inside the tanks. You will need to learn to work safely with them and ensure they are handled properly. This information is a good starting place before you get in-person practice.


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