Pharmacies are an integral part of health and wellness. Many people trust and rely on their local pharmacist. But, there are also people who struggle with getting prescriptions on time and dealing with insurance complications. As large retail pharmacies grow, and the world moves towards more virtual transactions, small locally owned pharmacies are struggling. Some insurance companies now offer bulk mail options to receive medications. Walgreens and Walmarts are pushing out the local pharmacist who used to serve families for years. However, institutional pharmacy Mason OH may be uniquely designed to weather the storm.

Institutional pharmacies are those located in hospitals, clinics and even some nursing homes. Anywhere that patients require regular medication, institutional pharmacies can be located. Because institutional pharmacies serve current patients, instead of the general public, they are less susceptible to fluctuations in the market. These types of pharmacies also provide more services than retail pharmacies. Employees in institutional pharmacies are responsible for stocking patient care units with commonly used medications. They also deliver supplies throughout the facility. Some even educate nursing staff on different types of medications. These services can not be duplicated by mail.

Retail pharmacies, like a local store or even larger chain stores, are losing business to mail-in refill services. Recently, Amazon purchased Pillpack in a push to break into the market. Large mail-in distributors, some associated with health insurance companies, can provide bulk orders of medication to those in need. This is appealing to those whole take daily medications. However, it is detrimental to retail pharmacies, especially in small towns.

Picking up prescriptions at a brick and mortar store may sometimes be a hassle. But, that store relies on the pharmacy to bring people into their store. Pharmacies employ many people besides pharmacists, like cashiers and shelf stockers. As convenient as it is to get your medications delivered to your door, the personal connections and benefits to the community can’t be ignored.


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