Camping is a great way to bond with nature and spend more time outdoors. If you’re uneasy about sleeping in a tent or cooking over a campfire, you might consider renting a cabin in the woods instead.

Benefits of Cabins

Avoid getting stuck in the rain or freezing temperatures in the comfort of a cozy log cabin. By staying in a cabin at the campground, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather no matter what time of year you go. Cabins in Hochatown offer a more comfortable and luxurious stay in nature, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can bring extra blankets and pillows to make it feel like home, while still getting to enjoy a new environment closer to the outdoors.

What to Pack

When you book your cabin retreat, make sure you pack all your camping essentials minus the tent. You’ll want to bring gear for hiking and outdoor activities including a compass, hiking stick, backpack, and first aid kit. Pack enough clothes to dress in layers and some other comfort items from home for the cabin. Some cabins will come with linens for the bed, but just in case it’s a good idea to bring your own bedding, blankets, and pillows. Bring your own towels for the bathroom and travel-size toiletries for the shower. You will most likely need to bring your own kitchenware and cutlery for the kitchen. Keep cooking light and try to make large meals ahead of time so it’s easy to heat and eat.

What To Do

The best part of camping is spending time in the great outdoors. Familiarize yourself with the area and always bring a map with you. You might not be able to rely on cell phone service when you’re out on a hike for directions. There will likely be plenty of activities near your campground like rock climbing, ziplining, or white-water rafting. If there is a lake nearby you might even be able to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. Soak up the sun during the day and enjoy stargazing by the fire on a clear night. Bring your favorite board games, books, puzzles, and cards to play while you’re inside the cabin with your family. When you’re done gathering around the campfire, you can easily retreat to your cabin for some games before bed.

Enjoy being close to nature and get the full camping experience with the additional amenities and comforts a cabin has to offer.

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