The holidays are fast approaching and shopping for Christmas gifts will soon commence. Overachievers might have already started their shopping snagging deals galore. When children write their Christmas list it is often filled with the latest trendy gadget, toy, or game. While all of those things are great and will be appreciated by the recipient there is something to be said about classic toys that provide countless hours of fun and won’t be quickly forgotten when the next fad roles through.

Wooden Toys– The material is durable and long-lasting while the toy can last several generations of use. There are many wooden toys that have been entertaining children for centuries. Wooden wagons for children are an ideal gift and come in many sizes. Wagons can be filled with toys, books, and children can even sit in them. Their imaginations will run wild with possibilities. Other excellent options include wood blocks, pull along toys, puzzles, rocking horse, cars, stacking toys, and many more timeless options.

Building Sets– Long before there were Legos children used their creative prowess with different options. Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs are unisex gifts that will allow the children to build, knock down, recreate, and continue! The small parts and intricacy of learning what stands tall and what falls provide an educational experience and practice on fine motor skills.

Creative Outlets– Art is an expression and all children want to be understood. Help them to express themselves in a fun way by gifting an art set filled with markers, crayons, paints, colored pencils, and so on. Don’t forget the paper! Another fun option is Spirographs. The younger generations are unfamiliar with the exciting geometrical creations that can be made using this art tool. Finally, while not typically considered an art tool, the classic Easy Bake Oven has been allowing children to express themselves through food while teaching them basic life skills.

Die Cast Toys– Cars, trains, and trucks are virtually indestructible when diecast. These high-quality designs have been entertaining children for over a century. They are more than just a plaything after the child outgrows them the diecast vehicles can be collected as a hobby that one day might become valuable.

Dolls– Little girls have been caring for dolls practically forever. Skip the standard options or the dolls based on characters and select a quality doll with brushable hair, opening and closing eyes, plus plenty of clothing options. These are the type of gifts that get passed down to the next generation.

This holiday season while working through Christmas shopping lists consider adding on a classic toy such as the ones mentioned above. These toys are much more durable and long-lasting than modern counterparts. They also create fond memories, promote creativity, and stimulate the imagination. The child will be surprised and pleased with the unexpected gift! TV characters fade in popularity and suddenly that must-have toy becomes forgotten in the closet, but classic toys never lose their appeal.

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