It’s no fun when the washing machine won’t wash and the dryer won’t dry. You’re left with no alternative but trudging to the laundromat in Monroe with, oh, around 50 pounds of wash. We get it.

What if someone gave you a list of truly useful things that would make going to the laundromat a snap? What if today’s technology has reached your neighborhood laundromat? Learn what technologies have come to laundromats.

Payment Apps


Forget the quarters and the payment cards. WASH installs WASH-Connect gadgets on the laundry machines. Stickers and other media are used to instruct users. You use the WASH app that works via WiFi and Bluetooth. The payment is deducted from your digital wallet. All this is done with your smartphone. Voila!

LaundryConnect Pay

Users may scan the bar code on the machine or type in the machine number, pay from an encrypted account, and reload their digital wallets all on their smartphones. All information is stored in the cloud, so if a user loses their credit cards, their information isn’t lost. For use in apartment complexes, dorms, and the laundromat in Monroe.  Available on Apple and Android.

Smart Appliance Tools

Smart Dry

Can’t keep running back to the laundromat to check if the clothes are dry? Slap this little gem on the wall of the dryer, and come back when it notifies you your clothes are dry. It doesn’t know if the dryer isn’t moving, it just knows that your clothes are dry.

Laundry Timer

Go grab some groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, or run other errands while this handy app lets you know when your load is done. Get it from Google Play.


Technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. Why not the laundromat in Monroe? Keep an eye out for new laundry technology; we’d love to hear about it!

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