While it would be ideal for multiple generations of family to cohabitate in the same home, the reality is that this is rarely possible. The demands of careers, children and finances, as well as space problems, often make it difficult for adult children to move their parents in with them, especially when said parents have physical or mental disabilities and/or illnesses that make caring for them even harder. This is where assisted living facilities MO come in. The U.S. boasts around 28,900 such facilities. There are certain factors you should think about when picking one. Here are three of them.

  1. Staff 

One thing that should affect your judgement of an adult care home is the staff and its overall personality and performance level. You should speak with staff members and ask them questions to gauge their character. Are they friendly? Do they maintain a high standard of cleanliness and care? Do they interact with patience, understanding and compassion with inhabitants? Do they check on them often and take their complaints seriously? These are important things to know.

  1. Community Culture

Another big aspect of group homes for the elderly is community. A tight-knit family atmosphere is often better for mental health than a cold one filled with clashing personalities. Spending time walking around the place and having conversations with other residents and staff will help you get a feel for what it is like. It is similar to checking out roommates, but for your parents/grandparents/other elderly family members.

  1. Security

You want to ensure your loved ones’ safety, so good security is vital. Security should keep unsavory, potentially harmful elements out while keeping in those individuals who should not be out on their own without supervision (those with dementia or other mental disabilities). There should also be safety protocols and devices like handrails and non-slip floors to prevent accidental injuries.

Assisted care facilities, like other kinds of services, vary in terms of quality. It is best to carefully research and consider not just the elements listed here, but others in order to find the best fit.


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