Cannabinol, commonly known as CBN, is making a name for itself. Unlike CBD and THC, the less-known cannabinoid has remained a relative mystery until recent years. This is true despite it being the first cannabinoid identified by scientists nearly 80 years ago.

Fortunately, research is finally starting to catch up. Although more tests are needed, a few small studies have found several potential advantages of CBN. Below, here are five health benefits of CBN that are supported by science.

Sleep aid

One of CBN’s strengths is that it acts as a sedative. In one older study, participants were given both THC and CBN. Although CBN lacks psychoactive effects, the group experienced stronger effects than THC alone.

Pain relief

Reduction in pain is another key benefit. Whether it’s via CBN capsules, pills, gummies, or oils, users report less chronic pain when taking a combination of CBD and CBN. This may result from the influence that CBN has on neuron activity and its sensitivity to capsaicin.

Antibiotic treatment

CBN may fight bacteria too. A 2008 study determined that CBN is one of a handful of cannabinoids that effectively fights MRSA. Typically, this bacterial infection is resistant to antibiotics.


Like CBD, CBN seems to act as an anti-inflammatory. While more human research is needed, rats who exhibited arthritis had their symptoms reduced when introduced to CBN. Scientists believe there is a correlation in the human immune system, with CBN possibly providing therapeutic capabilities for treating inflammation.


CBN appears to delay the onset of ALS. It also may treat epilepsy. This is due to its strong, anti-convulsant properties. While promising, significantly more research is needed with human subjects.

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