It has been the subject of countless TV shows, movies, ads, books – the adage that one of the world’s toughest jobs is being a mother.  From carrying a baby for 9 months to nursing newborns, motherhood is a job like no other.  It is a job that is certainly demanding as mothers in the RockerMama community can attest.  Motherhood, in fact, is a lifetime commitment.

So, what makes motherhood one of the toughest job in the world?  Below are some of the reasons.

Motherhood is always filled with the unknown

Even if you are giving birth to your fourth child, no amount of prior experience can prepare mothers for the unknown.  You could have done an activity thousands of times, but there is and will always be something new that comes up to challenge a mom.

Motherhood will take its toll on your body

You will begin seeing changes in your body during pregnancy.  During postpartum, your body changes as well.  From your hair to your waist to feet, having children affects your body.  And as your children grow older, so will you.  There are certain things or activities that you will have difficulty doing like carrying your children like you used to when they were much younger.  The daily tasks of motherhood can also take a toll on the body.

Fatigue is always around the corner

From sleepless nights rocking the baby back to sleep to chasing after them at the park, children will always find ways to test a mother’s endurance.  The many demands of motherhood can be exhausting most of the time, but mothers will always find reasons to work harder and do their best for their children, as RockerMama moms know.


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