There is nothing quite so magical as watching a child play, completely absorbed in the task at hand. It’s even better when the play is doing them the world of good and contributing to their physical development. Here are some of the reasons why climbing frames are good for the family.

A Safe Space

You can let children play on a climbing frame knowing that it is a safe space that has been designed to encourage your child to take risks in a safe way. We know that children need to develop through risk taking, and climbing frames allow this to happen in a natural way. Children learn to be responsible for themselves through play where there is a potential for danger that they can manage through exploring.

A Convenient Space

Having your own climbing frame is a huge benefit to the family. You can supervise your kids without any major inconvenience such as getting to the park and running home when it starts raining. You can take a step back and allow them to play with remote supervision. Having a convenient climbing frame in your garden is more likely to encourage regular exercise, as you can play daily without the hassle of planning a trip out. In an increasingly inactive world there is everything to gain from childrens wooden climbing frames.

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Physical Development

According to early childhood development experts, physical development is as important as intellectual development. Physical development requires space to play with safe equipment. Physical activity also helps develop concentration, motivation and helps with general wellbeing. This in turn will help your children when it comes to playing sports or team games like football so why not get your children wearing Junior Football Kits running around having fun from online services such as

Children will use all major muscle groups when using a climbing frame, and this exercise will in turn help them develop other skills such as writing and drawing. They will become more spatially aware through using a climbing frame.

Cognitive Development

A climbing frame can help to develop a child’s problem-solving skills. They will learn to navigate around the frame and will experience a sense of achievement when conquering it. As well as increasing confidence, the exercise will boost their serotonin in the brain.


Climbing frames will fire the imagination – they could be castles, pirate ships or anything your child can come up with. Developing a child’s imagination through play is a wonderful thing, and will create some special memories.

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