Exercise is crucial for your growing children, especially since it helps them build stronger bodies, prevent future diseases and develop social skills. However, there are situations where they may not be able to play outside, such as park closures, vacation or dangerous weather. No matter the situation, it is still important to encourage healthy habits. Try out the following activities to keep them active while inside the house.

Recreate Playground Games

Playgrounds provide children with games and diversions that they could not find anywhere else. If they are unable to use these areas, you can recreate them. This task can be as simple as setting up a hopscotch area on the ground with tape or making a maze using furniture. If you want to create something more complex, you can build a dedicated area using child-focused playroom designs Westchester County, NY as the blueprint.

Spice Up the Chores

Having your children help around the house is beneficial since it lightens your workload for the day and teaches them responsibility and important housekeeping skills. Doing chores can also be an opportunity to keep them active indoors. Tasks such as mowing the lawn, vacuuming the floor and dusting encourages them to move around. You can even make these tasks more exciting by offering incentives and creating some friendly competition over who can finish first.

Encourage House Exploration

Another way to get your kids moving is by encouraging them to explore the house. There are a couple of games you can organize to accomplish this goal. The first is a simple game of hide-and-seek. It can entertain your younger children by having them move fast and go to every corner. You can also put together a scavenger hunt made of rare or unique items that are present at home.

Exercise and physical activity are important for children, but they do not always have to take place outside your home. If circumstances limit these activities, consider these ideas for in-house entertainment.


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