Every child is unique in their own way and every child has different needs in terms of their upbringing, engagement and growth. There are children who transcend the common active level and land in the hyperactive category. There are many difficulties faced by their parents in keeping up with these children as a result of their never-ending energy and the verve to engage in different activities. Sometimes these activities can cause trouble or harm them in physical and psychological manners. If you are wondering how to handle a hyperactive child, here are a few tips for you-

1. Plan creative activities

If your child loves to go around the house and sometimes ends up in trouble, here is a tip to engage them and help them concentrate and utilise their energy. Plan creative activities for them. You can make them paint or draw different shapes, colour or numbers. You can also make them your little assistant in making cookies or collecting their toys and placing them in the toy bucket. You can also engage them in craftworks or conduct a treasure hunt around the house. These activities can also be a great learning experience for your child and help them develop better control over themselves and expand their imagination.

2. Learn an art

If your child is one of the power-packed rangers all set to conquer the world! Let them use their energy to develop a skill. You can enrol your child in professional classes like swimming, dancing, sports, painting or music and instruments. Martial arts is also a great option if you want your child to develop their motor skills. This will help them step outside their monotonous curriculum and experience the world in an engaging manner.

3. Good Diet

A good meal before lunch or a heavy breakfast can help your child get a good nap. A filled stomach can tone down their hyperactivity and they can sleep better and more peacefully. To ensure your child has a filled stomach with food infused with the right amount of nutrition, you can plan a proper diet chart for them. You can hide in vegetables in your dishes and handle their fussy eating habits. Rice, pulses and vegetables can be a good option for lunch and dinner. Warm milk is also very helpful in calming their system and preparing them for a nap.

Here are some recipes you can add to the diet chart you prepare for yohr kid’s lunch and dinner.

  • Curry and rice
  • Vegetable spaghetti
  • Vegetable Stew
  • Warm Milk
  • Hot Chocolate

Instead of opting for medication to tone down your child’s active level, you must try to channel it in directions which can eventually help them grow and develop a sense of responsibility and awareness. Along with some of our parenting tips for preschoolers, you can look out for more activities to engage your child and let them enjoy their childhood in a safe and healthy manner.

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