The only things that your kid needs in excess are love, motivation to do good in life, and care, not sugary and highly-flavored food items. Being a smart parent doesn’t have to be about rewarding your kids with fried chips and or aerated drinks. Bonus, rewards, and appreciations can be given in various other forms as well like a star for good handwriting, stationery, gaming tools, and or storybooks. But in an age of junk food stalls almost in every nook and corner of the city, it isn’t an easy task to keep your children away from junk food.

But if you are thinking of banning street-side food right away for kids then drop the idea, as instead of helping it can have an opposite reaction. Instead, look up healthy and tasty school tiffin recipes on the internet and watch them finishing it every day, with a smiling face.

Curbing Your Kid’s Cravings for Junk Food

Dish Out Healthy Snacks For Them

Only offering them nutrient-dense lunch isn’t enough, an attempt at making healthy tiffin for kids that can keep them filled for a long time. Try offering them slices of apple alongside sides peanut butter dip, or even dry fruits. For something non-messy, try packing them oatmeal cookies or energy bites that aren’t only rich in nutrients but also boast of the wholesomeness of whole grains while being sugar-less. These kinds of healthy snacks contribute to preventing your kids from binging on unhealthy foods.

Instill The Importance of Picking Healthy Food Options

Keeping your child away from luring deals and tempting commercials is next to impossible. Rather do your bit to impart lessons on healthy food habits. You can narrate the stories of superheroes who achieved their superpowers through eating good food and not by sucking on candies or sneaking into packets of fries. Promoting good healthy food is on you and the effort is all worth it, given the amazing results you are about to see.

Becoming A Role Model Is Imperative

Kids love to ape what they see and if they see you munching on something that you otherwise label as ‘unhealthy’ for them, then it will just do no good. Kids take up lessons by watching things, so ensure to snack on healthy food recipes as a parent if you wish to see them doing it too.

Start Early To Get Better Results

This is one of the important points that nutritionists focus on. Inculcating a good lifestyle habit for kids at their tender age is important as kids learn better when they are in their initial years. It is when they learn something in their young days, that it will remain embedded in their mind forever. Before packing healthy tiffin for kids, teach them about the various nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits it has.

Apart from this, you can always try whipping up your favorite junk food at home. Since nothing stands parallel to homemade food, you can grab this opportunity to make them their favorite school tiffin recipes. Besides tasting different, it will also be interesting for them.

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