On average, people spend about 2 hours per week planning for their wedding. 80% of this time is spent looking for ideas online. Picking out a wedding theme can be one of the hardest things in pulling out a beautiful wedding.

Is your idea to go the modern romantic route or maintain a traditional front? You also may be torn between a black-tie ballroom and being barefoot on the beach. If this is your dilemma, you’ve come to the place where you’ll get help in making that critical decision.

1.    The Venue

One of the things that guests will be talking about after the wedding is the venue. For the sake of a memorable ceremony, choose a site that spells glamour and boldness. Opulence is a factor you can’t afford to ignore.

For your ballroom, let it have ornate architectural elements like crown molding and stunning uplighting. Other unique venue ideas to consider include a dining room in a grand estate, the atrium in an exquisite art museum, or a mansion with historical connotation.

If you wish to have your ceremony outdoors, ensure the space is equally grand. The scenery should be with sights to behold. For example, think of a beachfront or the side of a mountain.

2.    Your Wedding Outfit

Make your wedding entrance as memorable as possible. Don’t bow to the pressure of fitting into a gown you don’t like just because it’s trendy. Choose a style that suits your personality from the full range of silhouettes available.

For example, a slinky, backless, and fully beaded sheath will bring out your sexy side. A ball gown with beaded or embellished bodice with a layered skirt will make a dramatic statement. Whatever style you choose, consider the neckline of the dress as it’ll determine the hairstyle to adopt.

A strapless gown looks good with a sweeping updo while loose waves complement a deep V-neck design. You can find out more about it here. For the bride, a formal tuxedo will be perfect for the big day.

3.    Color Combinations

Your choice of color depends on the theme you want to pull out. For a bold impact in your wedding theme, go for monochromatic colors. These are various shades of one color or all-white colors.

You can combine them with sultry jewel tones or boisterous hot hues.

If you wish to pull off a romantic theme, go for soft hues with plenty of florals. Add delicate lighting to bring out a soft touch. Envision chandeliers, pastels, and calligraphy.

For a vintage wedding style through the color combinations, draw some inspiration from decades past. One of the easiest ways to pull this off is through your wedding outfit. At the reception, go for antique-looking decor lie worn-in wood seats.

Keep the décor of the venue in mind.

At the very end of the ceremony, consider driving off in a vintage-theme classic getaway car. A Porsche or Volkswagen will do just fine.

4.    The Menu

Don’t stay stuck with the ordinary. Before your guests settle down for the main meal, host a cocktail session. This should come with beer and wine, not to mention a signature sip. With a new spin on classic cocktails, you’ll allude to a glamorous theme.

The good thing is that it allows for extra personalization through garnishes and presentation. For a touch of class, go for tuxedo-dressed waiters to multitask with passes hors d’oeuvres. A four-course meal will sure complement the cocktail hour.

However, this shouldn’t limit you from a five-course meal, which is more traditional. If you wish to go all out, a six-course meal with more but smaller servings will do it for you.

Final Thoughts

Every bride wants to have the most beautiful wedding day. It’s hence not uncommon for them to spend much of their time online looking for extraordinary wedding ideas. Right from the wedding outfit to the meal of the day, there’s so much a couple can do to have the perfect wedding.

Borrow ideas from wedding themes from years gone. Combine them with modern-day ideas, and you’ll have a unique wedding theme. Give enough thought to the wedding outfit, venue, décor, menu, and color combinations.

If you can’t decide on the best, work with wedding professionals to bring out the best on your big day.

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