Birthmothers are the bravest and most loving women on the planet. They value life and understand that they may not have the ability to care for their unborn children, so they willingly share them with individuals who can care for them and give them good lives. These women deserve honor and respect, but they need care and support.

When To Attend

After deciding to participate in the adoption process, women should seek out a birthmothers support group. These groups are gatherings of women who have gone through or are going through the same things you are. You may even keep seeking support after your child is adopted to help you work through unfamiliar emotions. This support should continue as long as you need it.

What To Talk About

Your first support group session may start with an introduction. However, you should feel free to talk about anything on your mind. For example, you may have questions about the adoption process and other women’s experiences. You may wonder whether your feelings are normal, and the best way to find out is by talking to others who have or are going through similar things. You should also feel free to talk about your frustrations, fears and sadness.

What To Expect

Expect a supportive environment. You should receive encouragement and share in the joy of the other women in the group as they receive news about or photos of their children. You should also be prepared to encourage other women. You may share songs and poems or other entertainment or artwork that helps you.

Types of Groups

Birthmothers have many group or support options. You may choose an online support group, where you don’t have to go to a physical location and can sign on and off when it is convenient for you. Social media also offers pen pal groups you can join or start as well.

You may also attend a support group set up by a church or your adoption agency. Some organizations also provide retreats or other special events for birth mothers. They may also offer regular gatherings, such as Christmas or Birth Mother’s Day events. Often, you are provided food and some form of entertainment at these events.

Finally, you may choose to pursue personal or group therapy with a licensed professional. Some women go through the type of grief they may experience when a loved one dies, so professional help may be necessary. It is often helpful to share your thoughts and feelings with an open-minded group and licensed mental health professional.

If you are a birthmother and are considering or have gone through an adoption, consider talking with a support group. By seeking help, you may just be helping others as well.


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