There are lots of benefits to having a space in the family home that is just for the adults. You may feel guilty about it, but you absolutely shouldn’t. Protecting your well-being while raising humans is a brave thing to do and an absolute necessity. Here are some tips for making your room a blissful hub to unwind in.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

As adults, we rarely carve out time to listen to the innermost thoughts. What is something that you really want to do? This is the time to make it a reality.

Invest in Comfort

If you’re going to sacrifice some energy for this project, you have to really commit. That means, not forgetting items that will bring you comfort. A new Ploum sofa, for example, will enhance the space perfectly and be a great statement piece that brings everything together. Try to find some complementary items like pillows and throws to make it really special too.

Keep it Free of Clutter

You can’t have a haven if it is filled with clutter. Keeping this space organised is a top priority. Mess and debris make your mind feel cluttered too and will hinder you from being able to reach optimal relaxation status. Therefore, ensuring there is space in the renovation budget for storage solutions and organisation is non-negotiable.

Fill it with Things That Bring Peace

Whether it is a hobby or a piece of décor that just speaks to you, find it and give it a place. The key to a parents-only zone is that it brings a little peace after a hectic day. This can only be achieved if you bring in bits and bobs that help you unwind and feel zen. It might be a television setup or a console corner, or even a yoga mat and essential oil installation. Whatever it is that makes you feel at ease, this is the room to put it in.

Strike a Balance

If you are creating this for both you and a partner, it is a good idea to strike a balance between what you both want. If there is something you don’t want to negotiate on, name it. There will always be a way forward, and there are no rules at all to say you are bound by a certain theme or can’t have what you want. This space is for both of you, after all, so it must align with what you both love.

Have Some Boundaries in Place

When the room is complete, it is time to set some boundaries with your children. You may be someone who finds this part of parenting difficult, and you are not alone if so. Boundaries are hard but necessary for nurturing healthy relationships. This is a space you have created for the grownups to have some tranquillity away from the toys and the messes, and you have every right to gently enforce this message with your kids. Set up the conversation and stick to your narrative.

Creating a cosy, parents-only haven in your home is often a necessity. It is important to have somewhere where you can just be yourself and feel surrounded by peace. Your well-being and sense of self will thank you.

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