Attending a childcare centre can have many important benefits for your child’s social, emotional, and academic development.

At childcare, your child can begin to develop key skills and understandings that they will carry with them to school and beyond. These skills can support your child to develop a love of learning and to make the most of future educational opportunities.

So what are the benefits of childcare to children’s development?

Promoting academic development

Childcare centres are staffed by qualified early childhood educators, who deliver curriculum-guided learning programs designed to help children understand new concepts, skills, and ideas.

Academic programs at childcare are tailored to suit children’s interests and to provide children with a strong educational foundation. New programs are delivered each day, working together to support children’s overall learning.

The academic skills that children learn at childcare can help them later on when learning literacy, numeracy, science, and more at primary-school level.

Learning social skills

At childcare, children have opportunities to learn important social skills like sharing and kindness. These skills help children to build friendships now and in the future.

By making new friends at childcare, children are able to develop important communication skills, which will help them both at school and beyond.

Children who learn to share well, resolve conflict effectively, and treat others with kindness are better equipped to navigate educational and professional environments later in life.

Improving independence

Independence is an important skill that children are able to practise at childcare, helping children to also improve problem-solving skills.

At childcare, children may be required to participate in routines alongside their peers, learning how to perform tasks like tying their shoes, feeding themselves, or tidying toys away.

When children build independence, they are able to respond well to changes in routine and are confident with a range of responsibilities. These skills are essential once children reach school age.

Building confidence

Many childcare programs are designed to help children build confidence in their skills and knowledge.

As children become confident learners, they are more likely to develop a love of learning, actively participating in educational programs by sharing their interests and ideas.

Children who develop confidence at childcare are well adjusted and are able to make the most of social and academic opportunities at childcare and, eventually, at school.

Preparing for school

One of the most important parts of childcare is its role in promoting school readiness, preparing children to learn and grow for years to come.

Childcare centres often offer tailored school readiness programs that introduce children to academic skills and day-to-day routines that will help them adjust to a school environment.

A strong educational foundation at childcare can make the transition to school much easier for children and can be a pathway to success in the future.

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