Toys have for long been used for entertainment purposes. However, technology never ceases to amaze us. How you ask? You can now use toys for educational purposes and enjoy considerable gains. For instance, toys allow kids to get the right experiences. They give the brain the right connections and pathways to get wired together. In return, your child will develop multiple skills and boost their IQ levels. How can I improve my child’s IQ using toys? Read on for tips.

  1. Choose the right devices.

All toys are designed for different uses and will benefit your child in many ways. Some special types of toys will help improve your child’s IQ, and you’ll find an extensive collection at 

Examples include;

  • The Rubik’s cube
  • Gear cubes
  • Shape mods
  • Magic clocks
  • Puzzles and more.
  1. Pick toys that allow exploration& Interaction.

Toys with many stackable blocks or tiny multi-colored parts encourage exploration during play. Your child will try to arrange them in various ways in an attempt to solve the puzzle. The more the trials, the more the child explores, which improves their memory, cognition, and fine more skills. Still, if your child manages to arrange the parts successfully, they wire that information in their mind.

  1. Think of the child’s age

All toys come with age specifications. Your child can only benefit if you pick what matches their developmental stage and capabilities.

Again, some toys are more complex and will benefit older kids than toddlers. A perfect example is the Rubik’s cube 7×7. It’s a seven-layered skill game and is popular for its many benefits. It’s best suited for older kids of eight years and above.

  1. Timing works!

Kids enjoy and learn more when they love the toys. Give options and have them choose what they fancy most. You’ll probably get bored watching your child arrange and try o solve the Rubik’s cube for hours, but trying to give something else will ruin the fun. Allow your child to play as much as they want until they master the game tricks.

  1. Allow for group play& activities.

Kids learn better in groups. If you want your child to master playing with the best IQ-enhancing toys, let them play with friends. They will learn faster and gain more skills. Also, your child will learn using various toys, which all offer varied benefits.

  1. 6.Don’t bother about mistakes.

Learning using toys involves stacking blocks which may not be simple at first. Your child will likely make mistakes and get frustrated. This shouldn’t bother you, though! Allow them to make blunders and keep trying. With more trials, your child will focus more and improve other skills like concentration, memory, and retention.

The bottom line

Kids learn more in play environments. By choosing the right toys, you help your child to develop various abilities. You also enhance their brainpower. To get the most suitable play devices, search from leading stores, and you’ll get a wide collection of toys. Acquire age-appropriate cubes and puzzles and watch your child get smarter!

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