There are many different activities that you can do with your kids, but if you want one that the whole family will enjoy then why not consider cycling. Family cycling is something that you can introduce when your kids are young, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. For example, you could go to local cycle parks together, or put the bikes on the car or in a trailer and head out for a day trip to the countryside. Some people even take their bikes on vacation so that they can explore their new surroundings.

There are so many benefits of family cycling. For starters, it gives parents the chance to spend quality time with their kids doing something that they will all love. It gives kids a reason to be outside rather than spending all their free time in front of a screen,so it is beneficial to their health. How do you get started though?

Get Bikes for the Whole Family

If you want your children to ride their bike with you, you will need to make sure you have one too. According to the folk at Woom, you should make sure that you choose suitable bikes for everyone. Lightweight kids’ bikes are ideal because they are easier to ride and carry about when needed. You can also find great lightweight bikes for adults too. You will find the best bikes in your local bike store or online from a reputable retailer.

Buy Protective Equipment

The best way to keep your children safe when cycling is to lead by example. This means investing in cycle helmets at the very least (for all the family). You can go a step further with young children and buy them some elbow and knee pads too. When they are young, they will probably want to wear them. Older kids may be more reluctant though.

Teach Your Kids to Ride Safely

If you are planning to take your children out on the roads, it is vital that they know how to ride safely. Most people agree that children under ten should stay on cycle trails or the sidewalk, but older children and teens can safely ride on the road with a responsible adult. Be sure to teach them to ride single-file and to use the appropriate hand signals to ensure their own safety and to alert drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

Pack What You Need

When heading out for a day of cycling with the family, it is essential that you have everything you need, without going overboard. Make sure to bring drinks and snacks because most kids like to take breaks for something to eat and drink. Get your children to wear comfortable clothing and opt for lightweight layers that can be taken off or added to as needed.

If cycling in the sunshine, apply sunscreen and always bring waterproofs in case of unexpected rain showers. A first-aid kit is also a good idea, as is high viz clothing, just in case.

Consider a Tow or Trailer

If you are cycling with very young children, be prepared for them to get tired. A trailer or tow bar can be attached to your bike to give your child a hand when the going gets tough.


Family cycling is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do with your kids. It gives you all the chance to bond and exercise together, and it can be the perfect way for everyone to have fun. To get the most from family cycling, teach your kids the importance of cycling safely and always pack for every eventuality when heading out for a cycle.

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