As a parent, long flights with your child can fill you with dread. When you think of having to keep your baby comfortable in a little space for hours and trying to keep them from crying or getting angry stares from other passengers, the idea gets discouraging.

While long flights with babies cannot be a hundred percent stress-free, there are some tips which can help make the trip more comfortable for you. These tips include:

1.Schedule a flight for bedtime

In order to have a more peaceful flight, book an evening flight. This way your baby will be asleep through most of the flight or all of it. You can also get a little sleep during this period.

2.Choose the right seats

When booking a flight, there is no need to buy a plane ticket for your baby as you can carry your child all through, but if you can afford it, it is advisable that you buy a plane seat for your baby. To put your baby in the plane seat, you can take a car seat along and strap your baby into it. If you don’t want to buy a plane seat for your baby, then it is important that you buy seats which can provide you with enough space.

3.Bring baby essentials

When taking a long flight, pack up baby wipes, food for your baby, diapers, extra baby clothes from trusted online baby boutiques like Bitsy Bug Boutique  – This is because you can never predict your baby’s behavior and the last thing you want is to run out of baby essentials on a flight. You can also bring toys to keep your baby busy if he/she remains awake for too long.

4.Carry a baby stroller or car seat

When going to the airport, it is essential that you have a baby stroller. This lets you have your hand free while dealing with bookings and luggage. You can also take a car seat along for the flight as a car seat can serve as an extra seat for your baby while on the flight.

5.Be nice to other passengers

As a parent on a long flight, it is important that you are nice to other passengers on the flight. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In the case of a flight, it might take more than just you to make the trip easy. While you shouldn’t expect this, being courteous to passengers can also make them understanding and patient if your baby gets fussy. Some parents go as far as handing out earplugs to other passengers in case their baby cries.

6.Try not to over pack

Overpacking makes it hard for you to move around. Only carry important items which you will need on the plane. Avoid taking too many toys or too many blankets. With lesser hand luggage you can easily attend to your baby’s needs the moment they arise. Also having too many loads on you might cause discomfort to other passengers so avoid them.

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