A party is a gathering of people enjoying great food, drinks and probably some fabulous music. Most parties are held to signify an achievement or step in your life. Different parties are held for various reasons, and this article discusses the major types of parties.

Birthday parties

They are the most common type of parties. You invite your friends to a specific venue and place to celebrate the day you were born. You can opt for an outdoor party or house party. Later during the party, you can share your birthday cake with your friends.

Housewarming parties

If you are moving to a new house, you can invite close friends to enjoy the party with you. You want your friends and family to share with you the joy of owning a new home. You can arrange something simple and cook a great meal combined with quality drinks.

Graduation parties

On completion of a certain level of education graduations are held. You could be graduating from college or senior school. It is vital for you to arrange something memorable and share your joy of success with your family and friends.

Dinner parties

A dinner party is when you invite your friends and relatives in your home and cook for them a good meal. It is a party where you get to interact with your friends and relatives, dine and drink together. You can also gather around the fireplace after having your meal and bond.

Baby shower parties

A baby shower party is held days or weeks before you can conceive(if you are expecting a baby). Your friends and relatives buy for the unborn baby gifts and also shower you with endless gifts. It is an excellent way to help you get mentality ready for the bundle of joy you will be receiving soon.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

The night before a bride and groom take their vows they hold parties separately with their friends. It is time for the groom to bid his friends goodbye and his bachelor life. The groom can enjoy quality time with his friends since after the marriage it may be almost impossible.

The bride also gets the last chance to party wild with her friends before committing herself to marriage. Friends of the bride can offer the bride advises and help her get ready for the lifetime commitment.

Christmas parties

Christmas day is universal in all states. Most Christians celebrate it since it is the day their savior was born. You can enjoy the party with your loved ones. Decorate the venue of the party with Christmas trees, balloons and ribbons. It is a chance for offering gratitude to your loved ones for their support by giving gifts and showering them with love.


Parties are unavoidable because as long as you are alive, there is something to be grateful about. Theme and venue selection is crucial when arranging a party. Additionally, ensure you hold a party you can afford to finance. The best way to make a party outstanding is by involving a party character for hire to keep your guests entertained and the party lively.

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