An unplanned pregnancy is a scary situation for anyone who experiences it. It’s important to remember that there are options that you can choose that are best for yourself and your unborn child. One of these is deciding whether or not you should choose an adoption or an abortion if you can’t take care of the child yourself. An adoption agency las vegas nv can help to walk you through the process if you choose adoption as the best choice. There are many reasons why women would choose to place their baby up for adoption rather than terminating the pregnancy.

Hopeful Parents

There are many couples who are unable to have children of their own. These reasons can vary and include infertility and genetic issues. In some cases, wonderful couples would like to add a child to their family through adoption as well. There are parents throughout the United States that are dreaming of the day that they are able to have a child of their own and you can help them achieve this.


Even if you are the strongest pro-choice advocate in the world, the decision to terminate a pregnancy can still be difficult when it is yours. There is no one correct decision in the process, but it’s important to remember that an abortion is final. The decision is very personal, and you should never feel pressured either way, what is right for you might not be right for someone else. Even if you don’t regret your decision to abort immediately, it may very well happen in the future. By choosing adoption, you never have to face this problem.

Religious Issues

There are many religions that have strong stances against abortion. If there is any question in your belief system, adoption might be what you would feel the most comfortable with. The adoption agency you choose can help you through this process as it can be difficult emotionally.


Even if you can’t take care of your child, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want somebody else to have the chance. By choosing adoption, you know that your child was given the chance to live and thrive. There are different types of adoptions as well. In some cases, you are still deeply involved in your child’s life in a different capacity other than a parent. While in others you may receive updates and pictures throughout their lives. If you prefer, a closed adoption is also an option and your child will not know who you are.


Abortions can cost a large amount of money, sometimes even thousands of dollars depending on the type. Not only does adoption cost absolutely nothing to you, the adoptive family of your child may be willing to help with your living expenses to ensure you and your child’s wellbeing throughout the pregnancy and to thank you for the gift you are giving them. This can include things like utilities, rent, transportation, and food.

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