Every Parents’ joy is to raise a healthy child. Raising a healthy baby starts from birth like enforcing a regular bedtime. Raising a child in this high-tech and a fast-paced world can feel a bit overwhelming. But it shouldn’t! Parenting should be fun.

Experts such as ivf Singapore says raising a healthy and happy child is not rocket science, it is pretty easy and simple. You just have to follow these simple tips.

  1. Learn to read your baby’s emotions

As the child matures from a newborn to an interactive baby at the age of 6 months, the baby will start to show you when something makes him content or upset. His face will light up in a warm smile when you enter the room, or he will wail when someone takes his favorite toy.

If your baby spends more time crying than giggling, that’s because they experience distress earlier than happiness. Babies have different ways of showing if they are content. Some will cry, while others will become clingy. As get to know your baby more together with his temperament, you will become better at learning the signs that he shows when something is not right in his world.

  1. Cultivate your baby’s healthy habits

It is no surprise that lots of sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet are essential to everyone’s well-being. This also applies to children, exercise in kids can mean kicking their legs in the air, crawling toward a beloved toy, or going back and forth, this will help to lighten her mood.

You may also need to pay attention to any connection between your baby’s mood and certain types of food. Food allergies and sensitivity may also play a role in your child’s behavior and mood.

  1. Help your baby master new skills

Happy people are usually those who have mastered a new skill. For example, when your baby figures how to get the spoon into his mouth or takes a little shaky step by himself, he learns from his mistakes, he learns the art of persistence and discipline, and then he experiences the joy of succeeding due to his own efforts.
Most importantly, he discovers that he has control over his life; if he tries, he can succeed. Children just like adults, should follow their own interests or else there will be no joy in their success.

  1. Allow your baby to be sad or mad

As your baby grows older, you should teach her to label her feelings and express them verbally. Even before he starts talking, you can show him pictures of faces and ask him which one is feeling the same way he is.

It’s good to let your child be sad or happy. Parents usually worry if their children feel sad or happy, but doctors advises that children need to know that it’s okay be unhappy sometimes. It is part of life. As a parent, you shouldn’t overreact to your child’s negative feelings instead, let your child experience her feelings, both happiness, and sadness.

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