As the roles of women in the family have been redefined over the years and it became more commonplace for them to enter the workforce rather than staying at home, childcare options became more important. Daycares and nannies are two commonly used ones. While the first is cheaper, it also lacks some of the valuable advantages that come with the second such as greater control, convenience and flexibility and more individualized attention for the children. If you are considering employing a nanny, regardless of whether you go to a domestic agency Los Angeles or search for one on your own, there are some characteristics you need to keep an eye out for that signal a good one.

  1. Trustworthiness

This is the most important quality because you are entrusting your children to this person. You have to know that the nanny won’t abuse, neglect or otherwise mistreat them.

  1. Punctuality

The ability to arrive on time is imperative because your nanny’s timeliness impacts your schedule, as well as your children’s. One that is constantly late may make you miss or be tardy to your own commitments.

  1. Nurturing

A nanny that will care for your children well is one with a naturally caring nature. A person who dislikes youths or lacks natural empathy is more likely to mistreat them or psychologically damage them.

  1. Reliability

Nannies play a far more significant role in the household than regular babysitters or daycare employees. They carry more responsibilities. You need to know you can rely on yours to be there when needed and accomplish the tasks that need to get done.

  1. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a nanny is the amount of flexibility. Nannies are typically not clock-in-clock-out, regularly scheduled workers. One that is unable to adjust personal scheduling to fit the job description may not be able to perform all the necessary duties.

A nanny is someone who will spend a lot of unsupervised time with your children and play a major role in their development. It is important to be cautious and thorough when picking one.


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