Coldness, arrogance, and stiffness — these are the stereotypes due to which most foreign women are afraid to establish relations with the British. Great Britain is a rather closed country, whose inhabitants sacredly honor traditions. Foggy Albion may seem unattractive due to the specific climate. Forever cloudy sky and damp weather do not add optimism. However, marriage with a citizen of this country has its advantages. You will weigh the pros and cons of such an alliance when reading this interesting news about the mentality and habits of men living in GB.

British and English: who are they?

British citizens are not only English but also Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish … Of course, they all have their own mental characteristics, but they are impoverished by such features as composure, restraint, impartiality, and patience. Meanwhile, it is not at all difficult to communicate with them, as many mistakenly believe. Such “cold” behavior is not caused by arrogance, but rather by gallantry and conservative upbringing.

The British are not arrogant, but it is extremely difficult to make such a man change his life views and beliefs. They practically do not succumb to the opinions of others and the influence of fashion. They are very conservative.

With women, they are very polite but careful. Women appreciate their prudence and pliability, intelligence and kindness. In communication, a typical British uses a minimum of gestures; his facial expressions are also stingy.

They have a strong character and a solid inner core. They are trying with all their might to achieve stability in life; they do not like conflicts and meaningless discussions.

British men in a relationship

These men never express feelings and emotions brightly. For them, it is not polite, at least. Making compliments, the Englishman prefers quality to their quantity. Residents of Great Britain are hereditary gentlemen. Therefore, even having met a beautiful girl, he tries to control himself. It may seem that the British are a little shy and uninitiated in a relationship. Sometimes, charming ladies of Great Britain have to initiate their relationships as gentlemen are hesitating too long before asking a girl for a date even.

Typical Englishman

Such a guy will not tell you fairy tales and scatter empty promises. If he gave his word, he will keep it. Thus, it is not easy to become a successful “hunter” for British men. Nevertheless, if you have already conquered his heart, you can be sure that he is yours.

The British value quality in everything. They dress discreetly, but stylishly. Thus, they think that their woman should be elegant as well. Everyone is pleased to look at a beautiful luxurious woman, but for the British, good taste and moderation are above all. If such a man gives gifts, he prefers expensive and valuable things, rather than cheap trinkets. These men love soulful conversations over a cup of tea. You can talk with them about anything — about art, about the meaning of life, about the beauty of nature. A typical Englishman will always listen to you.

However, the British do not like too emotional girls. They will not tolerate hysterical and capricious young ladies. They will simply say “Goodbye” and…vanish forever.

How to be a perfect wife for an Englishmen?

Each British is looking for a typical wife. Their home is their castle and family interests are above friends and everything else.

If you are dating an English boyfriend, do not speak badly about his country and its historical past. The British are proud of the heroism of their ancestors, honor their genealogy. These guys dislike too talkative girls.

The Englishman appreciates the soul in a woman, although her origin also matters to him. Your family must be prosperous and respected. If problems begin in married life, the husband will try to avoid a divorce. British will do everything possible not to show that something is wrong in a partnership.

In case, you want to be a wife of an Englishman, you must remember: the main thing is not to quarrel with her husband’s parents, who will also do everything possible to make your family life better. There are more “rules” that you should follow, and some of them as well as other interesting news about GB you will find at this site.

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