Chemistry is a subject that is often studied together with Physics. However, it is important to highlight that they are very different subjects, so it is necessary to distinguish them appropriately and identify the best methods of chemistry tuition and study techniques for each of them.

How to study chemistry

Study Method # 1: Read the material before going to class

The method known as Flipped Classroom or Inverted Class is a rising trend in all subjects, including science. However, in Chemistry its positive effects multiply. This technique basically consists of studying the lesson in advance, before going to class, to familiarize yourself with the concepts. In this way, the class will be much easier to follow and we can take advantage of it to consolidate knowledge and raise doubts.

Study Method # 2: Understand instead of memorizing

William James said: “The essence of genius lies in knowing what to ignore.” We can not agree more! We have to be selective with what we memorize. When we study, efforts should focus on understanding concepts instead of memorizing everything without meaning.

Once we have assimilated everything, we will know what is really important, so we can put into practice this selective memorization. In no case, memorization should replace comprehension.

Study Method # 3: Use Memory Cards

The subject of chemistry is full of symbols, chemical formulas and scientific language. To correctly interpret all these concepts is key to be successful in the exams of this subject. Although this point seems basic, it is the one that leads a large number of students to failure, as they underestimate the importance of having a solid foundation.

In this sense, the flashcards are the ideal tool to organize and store all the chemical symbols and formulas that we find when we study chemistry. Once we have our set of cards created with the periodic table of the elements, formulas, or any other concept, its memorization and review will be much simpler and faster.

Study Method # 4: Point All

It is not enough to pay attention in class. In chemistry, it is necessary to write everything down and get to the bottom. The formulas and equations will be much easier once written in the proper way. In this way, you can more easily determine what you understand and what you do not understand, as well as understand why reactions occur or where you have made a mistake.

Study Method # 5: Daily practice

Continuing with the previous point, one of the keys in the study of chemistry is practice. The resolution of equations and practical problems should be part of your study routine. Testing our knowledge with Test-type exams on a regular basis is also a good practice to prepare for exams and evaluate our level of mastery of the subject.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that, although we have separated the study methods into 5 sections, they are not independent but, on the contrary, increase their effectiveness when used together. In addition, chemistry includes many branches and fields of study, each one with its particularities, so it is necessary that you evaluate your needs and choose the study methods that best suit you as recommended by chemistry tuition Singapore.

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