I have seen people create stunning baptism invitations cards but fail to write on it the appropriate message. You will find that a good number of people focus on the design of the card but forget the wording. By wording, I mean what is supposed to be on the baptism invites and what should be left out. Without correct wording, your guest will not get the message and misinterpretations may occur. Every believer out there knows that baptism is a serious and special occasion. It happens only once in an individual’s lifetime but will carry unforgettable memories. For this reason, knowing the appropriate words to write on the baptism invites is a very important.

The occasion

Well, the first thing that should be clearly written on the cards is the occasion. People have to know what they are celebrating. In this case, it’s a baptism. For instance, begin by writing something like this, ‘our gorgeous little baby was sent from heaven above as God’s gift to us. Kindly join us to celebrate her baptism’. In the Catholic Church, people receive baptism and first holy communion at the same time. Therefore, this can be a baptism or first communion invites.

The name of the person getting baptized

Ideally, guests will always want to know whose event they are attending. You don’t go to a baptism event without knowing the person who is going to be baptized. This means that you have to include a name on the baptism invites. If it’s a baby, then make this clear and even make sure to state if it’s a boy or a baby girl. The same goes for adults. Here is an example; Jane and John invite you to attend the joyous baptism of their daughter Emily.

The venue

Normally, a baptism occurs in church but this is not always the case. There are different Christian congregations each with their own beliefs and way of doing things. In this case, it’s mandatory that you clearly notify the guests of where the occasion will be taking place. This is actually important because it may inform things such as their mode of dressing. If it’s in a church, the guests have to dress moderately and appropriately. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include some directions so that the guests don’t get lost on their way to the venue.

Gift expectations

If you have any gift expectations, then this is the perfect opportunity to put that on the table. Do you want the guests to bring gifts or not? If not, do you want them to offer a donation to your faith-based organization?  Don’t forget to give this kind of information on the first communion invites because it’s one of the reasons your event will be a success.

Other necessities

Punctuality is vital for the smooth running of any event. People arriving late to a baptism may ruin the occasion. For this reason, inform them in the baptism invites of the time they should arrive at the venue and when the baptism begins. Urge them to arrive on time. Furthermore, many people organize a gathering after the main ceremony is over. If this is in your plans, make sure the guests know about it.

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