Eat this, don’t eat that. Stay this way, and don’t buy that. These are common words you will hear from people when you get pregnant. Everyone has different opinions about everything. You are also going to get every kind of advice. However, there are things that people don’t talk about. Even your doctor may not talk about them, but that does not mean they are unimportant. Pregnancy is a vulnerable period for every woman. Therefore, it is crucial to have as much information as you can get. Here are seven things about pregnancy that no one will tell you.

Your Body Will Change Before and After Delivery

It is evident that a lot will change in your body during and after pregnancy. You are creating a new life inside you. Therefore, the body must adapt to the change to accommodate the little human being. You may not enjoy wearing your skinny jeans for a long time, and that is okay. As the body changes, you may feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable, which is normal. Getting your body back after pregnancy may also not be easy. Some women experience stress incontinence and will need pelvic floor rehab to strengthen the muscles again. Remember, getting back in shape will require a workout routine and patience with your body.

You Don’t Need to Eat for Two

There is this notion that you must eat for two people now that someone else is growing inside you. While eating the right food and a balanced diet is crucial, you don’t necessarily need to increase the amount of food you eat. Overeating could lead to weight problems, which can be an issue during pregnancy. So, keep your weight in check and eat what you can.

Pregnancy is Not Easy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period, considering the magic you create. However, without sugar-coating it, it is also a difficult period for most women. Undoubtedly, you are doing a great thing, but it is also important to admit that it can be unpleasant sometimes. You will experience an aching back, frequent bathroom breaks, indigestion issues, etc.

Labour Can Be Easy Sometimes

Many women, including those who have never delivered, know labour is hard and painful. There are many horrifying stories about labour and how it is not a laughing matter. However, not every woman has had a hard time. Some women don’t spend hours in labour or vaginal tears. Therefore, what happened to someone may not be the same for you.

You Will Have Mood Swings

If you have premenstrual syndrome, you might have severe mood swings during pregnancy. Mood swings are an everyday thing in pregnancy. They occur more during the first trimester and toward the end of the last trimester. So, it is normal if you lose your appetite, have sleep disturbances, or have poor eating habits.


These are five things no one might tell you about pregnancy. Understand that a lot of change will happen with your body. So, be patient, understand yourself and embrace the changes. You are doing a great thing by creating another human being inside you.

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