There is a reason why Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Job growth is the main thing why people choose to move to a certain city. This was the thing for Dallas in 2017 but still, nowadays many people decide to move there. Besides finding a job, there are many new activities people can do like going to new festivals.

You need to be well-informed where ever you want to move because it will help you spend less time wandering around. Find a reliable relocation guide for Dallas, TX that will help you determine which company you should hire for the move. Reading about what you can expect might be interesting but finding a reputable company isn’t always easy. There are a few things you should look at when searching for a moving company.

Prepare for Relocating

You need to have some kind of plan if you are about to move in a few months. It sounds like a simple process but many things can go wrong or it may cost you more if you don’t follow some simple steps. The first thing to do is to check how much time you have until you move. This is more important to the moving company because they have other their own schedule.

You will need some help to pack and remember to mark every box so you will know in which room it will go. This will save you a lot of time when unpacking. When looking for a moving company, ask your friends or relatives if they have any experience with a certain company. There is always someone in the neighborhood that moved in and did their study on these companies. Read more here.

Dallas Job Market

If you calculate in the living expenses, Dallas is in the top of US cities with the highest salaries. All of these top cities have some important companies that employ a lot of people. For example, in Fort Worth, there are 25,000 people working for American Airlines. This isn’t the only large company that has a big number of employees there is Fossil, Kronos, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and many more.

A big part of the Dallas economy is Healthcare because Baylor Healthcare System and Texas Health Resources are located there. The most important thing is that it is very affordable for startups so many entrepreneurs start their business in Dallas. As the number of businesses grows, there is still a large need for employees.

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Cost of Living

Dallas isn’t among the cheapest places in the US so don’t think you can move there if you aren’t financially stable or you will struggle but still, it is manageable if you know how to spend money. It isn’t as expensive as San Francisco but you have to spend some time looking around to find places that have lower prices.

Everything depends on which part of the city you are so on average a lunch will cost you around $15. If you want to save money and visit a fast-food restaurant, it will be around $7. Monthly rent on average will cost around $1,500 for a larger apartment and $1,200 for a moderate option. If you live alone, utilities will be about $120. The prices are very reasonable if you have a good job. If you are sure that you want to move, you should know that the average salary is about $60,000.

Best Places to Live in Dallas

Central Dallas is the place of action and most of new restaurants and businesses are located there. The competition to buy a house there is high because you have easy access to shopping, nightlife and food. Another thing that is important is public transport and you would be in walking distance of their public transportation system. Monday to Saturday, it is free to travel around nearby neighborhoods.

The Park Cities area has some of the most beautiful but also the most expensive real estate in the region. It is a few miles of central Dallas and an average house is over a million dollars. Many people can’t afford living there but you should visit the Lover’s Lane if you like shopping. If you are an outgoing person and like to move a lot, East Dallas may be the place for you. It’s close to White Rock Lake where you can do many activities from paddle boarding to kayaking. Near this area is Lakewood where you can find an affordable lifestyle and houses.

If you are going moving there to work then West Dallas is most likely the place. It is the location of many big companies and probably the best place to look to improve in business. It’s been a working-class area for a long time and it went through a transition over the past decade. A lot has been invested in improving the lifestyle there but some residents fear that the prices will go up.

Food and Culture

One thing that Dallas is recognized by is a huge club and bar scene. There is a big diversity in the city which makes it a great place for extraordinary culinary offerings. There is interesting food available for every budget. Some people get overwhelmed and spend a lot of money on food so make sure you set your budget at the start. There are also many clubs but the drinks can be really expensive so the nightlife may cost you a lot.

Some of the most interesting buildings are made in Dallas and that’s because of high levels of disposable income. Philanthropy is a big part of it and wealthy people support art a lot there. You would be impressed when you look around and see how much museums and small galleries are there. The city is constantly growing in size and population and more people are looking to move to Dallas. If you are planning also, it would be best to do your planning as soon as possible before the prices get higher.

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